Interview : Christian Peters – Samsara Blues Experiment

The fourth album of  Samsara Blues Experiment is here and two weeks before their appearance in Athens and the Fuzz Live Music Club, Christian Peters talked to! More in the interview that follows!

Hello Christian! First of all, congratulations on your new album «One With The Universe»! What were your first feelings when you finished the recordings?

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction, as always. We only had three weeks for the whole production, I wish it would have been more like three months. I would have been much closer to my perfect idea of the album then, BUT I am okay with is as it is really. At some point you just need to finish. Life is for learning anyway…

Music is undoubtedly a medium of expression. To what extent do your personal experiences affect your sound? Do you consider them one of the main sources of inspiration?

Yes. Many of the lyrics are very personal. I spent a long lonely time making music, writing these and other songs, and recording stuff. I think one our main characteristics is that we are a very honest band. No need for any rockstar show off crap here. We´re just people like you and you and you…

The length of your compositions is a characteristic of your sound. Is this something you persue?

It always depends on the song somehow. If we feel like it should be finished at 5 minutes, than its like this. If we feel like there should be something else, well we´ll add things. At times I guess we think more of compositions the classical way, than in terms of «just another Rock`n`Roll-song».

The phrase «One With The Universe» appears twice in your album. What does this phrase mean to you?

It´s pretty clear isn´t it? It´s about a sense of unity. Of belonging with each other, and with the universe. Not just this world but this whole infinite space. We´re all just grains of sand in the hourglass of time anyway.

It has been almost four years since the release of your third album «Waiting For The Flood». Would you like to tell us more about this period? Did the line up change affect your thought process behind writing?

Well, obviously, though I have to add that we wrote quite many songs also in this 3-piece constellation in the time when Richard was still in the band but absent due to his job duties. But now all the tracks have been set to go on in this formation, we have found a new sense of unity also in the band, which helps a lot. It´s less chaotic overall.

This year looks quite special since along with the fourth album release, the band closes 10 years from its creation. Looking back, do you think you’ve met your original goals, and what are your goals for the future?

I had no idea that we would reach only half as much as we did! Not in my wildest dreams have I dreamt of playing live on three continents. When I was like 16 I dreamt of sharing a stage with Metallica once, but I am not sure if I still would enjoy that hahahahaha…

In 2013 you released the live album «Live At Rockpalast» by Electric Magic Records. Are there any thoughts about similar releases in the future?

Maybe we should do an even better live recording in the future. Let´s see…

In recent years, we have seen that the audience’s interest in the psychedelic and stoner scene is growing. What do you think are the factors accounting of this?

Rather «weird» and oftentimes kind of very «unnatural» mainstream music maybe? Hahaha, well sometimes I go to these places where they show actual mainstream stuff on TV, and since I don’t have a TV for many years now, it´s always like: wow, either I or they have their brains pretty much twisted in totally wrong directions…

On May 27, the Greek audience will have the chance to get to know your new material in your appearance at Fuzz Live Music Club. What are your impressions of Greece and its audience so far?

We love Greece. It´s not just a phrase. We played our earliest bigger shows there, and people were always most enthusiastic. So I hope it will be just like this when we return!

In closing, I would like to thank you very much for your time! The epilogue is yours!

Guys, let´s all just have a good time! And try to let go of any expectations…

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